"Thank you for working with us at the Later Life Academy!  Further to our substantial ongoing investment programme, we are extremely proud to announce our re-brand as Air Group.  As part of this process, the Academy has been relaunched as Air Later Life Academy.  We are truly excited about the enhanced possibilities this will bring to our valued members.  All the current benefits will remain - so it's business as usual and welcome to our new website."

Stuart Wilson, C.E.O

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Air Later Life Academy provides training for later life business development.

If you're looking to develop your business model then it makes sense to have several strings to your bow- the Air Academy provides structured CPD and accredited training around a variety of core topics, ensuring you have a solid foundation of knowledge so you can best advise your clients.

If your clients feel that they are able to source all the information they’re more likely to choose you, again and again.

Help more customers, receive more recommendations, earn more income

Exclusivity Included

We work hard to ensure our Academy members have access to the largest variety of enhanced products.

Access in one place to all the best products ensures an increased appeal to a larger number of potential clients. The big 4 supermarkets are successful because of their wider product range – in our market, it’s no different.

Tools of the Trade

We offer our Air Later Life Academy members unrivalled access to a wide range of tools and resources to help further enhance their business.

Including… multi-award winning Air Sourcing Software at the highest access level, discounted and special offers on ancillary products, a range of tools and calculators, marketing support as well as advice and training to help your business thrive!

National Later Life Adviser Conference 2019

Check out our highlights video below to see why the 2019 National Later Life Adviser Conference was a "knock-out" success!

Our Ambassadors

Our corporate ambassadors bring us the expertise and skills honed from their sectors, they help shape and challenge our training content to ensure it is the best available to our members.

Ongoing Training

Our Adviser Training Programme is accredited by the Financial Services National College (FSNC) and available for completion online in your own time, or via live sessions in workshops UK wide. We also host a range of events / webinars to ensure you receive all the latest content.

Enhanced Products

We are constantly negotiating the very best product terms for our Academy members. Product providers understand that our Academy members are committed to high quality standards in advice and this is reflected in the growing number of Academy exclusive products.

Dedicated Support

Full support is available from our team whether it is for marketing your business, help with a complex case, where to find the latest information and training on a specific topic, or even who best to refer to on specific information such as Wills, Funeral Plans, and General Insurance.

What our Advisers say:

I have now graduated from the Later Life Academy and would recommend that you also take a look at the services offered and events organised by the AIR Group

Andrew Pyrah

J M Glendinning

The Later Life Academy is a fantastic resource to help maintain an understanding of the wider factors that must be taken into consideration when advising on Equity Release.

Mark Lambert

Viva Retirement Solutions

Nothing is ever too much trouble for the team! I would recommend the LLA to advisers as they are constantly evolving - which in turn enhances the service we can offer our clients

Sandy Ameer-Beg

Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy

Academy Events

We host and support partner events every month in locations across the UK, delivering both training from our Later Life Academy Training Programme and advanced courses on content such as equity release, long term care, estate planning, state benefits - even advanced marketing courses and exam preparation. To check for future events in your area, log in to your account and visit the Air Academy / Events section.

Still haven't found what you're looking for?

We've moved all the Air Later Life Academy content and functionality to our award winning Air Sourcing platform. This includes all downloadable content, full events calendar, products/partner contact information, webinars and our find an adviser feature. But don't worry - as a member of the Air Later Life Academy, you automatically get FREE access to everything Air Sourcing has to offer!

Visit airsourcing-staging.co.uk now for all the functionality listed above, as well as client fact finds, product sourcing, market leading deals, integrated case tracking and much, more more.